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How To Influence Purchases This Holiday Season

As if the holidays aren’t madness enough, throw in the act of shopping for loved ones. Finding that perfect gift can be the most daunting task. With that in mind, customers have turned to influencers to filter out the noisy brands begging for attention. Instead, they’re consulting their favorite bloggers to make those tricky purchase decisions during the holidays.

It was recently revealed that influencer marketing does indeed yield killer returns. For the average $1.00 spent on influencers, brands are reaping $6.85 in returns. And certain verticals do even better, such as food/drink, retail/apparel, and travel. Additionally, offers shared by trusted advocates convert at a 3x-10x higher rate.

Perhaps the most interesting insight is which social media networks are the most influential for gift inspiration. Pinterest is the unsung hero, as shown in the infographic below. According to a recent Pinterest study, 38M people have saved holiday pins. That number is large and growing as we speak. And you better believe that those pinned items are converting into purchases!

But let’s not just leave Instagram and Youtube behind.

Visual products do extremely well on Instagram and are huge when it comes to purchase intent. Customers who view or engage with a piece of user-generated content are far more likely to purchase an item.

YouTube kills it as well, with influencers putting together “Haul” and “Unboxing” videos that make shopping for the holidays a breeze. And since shoppers prefer product videos from “people like me”, relatable and trustworthy influencers are in the best position to carry your message.

Read on for more interesting holiday marketing insights in this infographic by The Shelf.

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Originally posted 2015-11-26 06:07:20.

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