How to Live Like a Creative: the daily habits of a modern creative

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Have you ever wondered how other creative people live? And whether you share things in common with them? Well, Format – a pretty nifty online portfolio platform – has teamed up with witty Toronto-based illustrator Sam Island to create How to Live Like a Creative, an interactive infographic that gets to the bottom of how creative types live, work and play.

The playful artwork is based on a survey of 2,000+ photographers, designers, illustrators, visual artists and filmmakers, quizzing them on their daily habits. Everything from when they wake up to how often they order takeout — and yes, their most used emoji.

The results shatter the all-too-familiar disorganised, ‘starving artist’ stereotype, depicting instead a group of confident, business-minded, active individuals that are passionate about their crafts. Some key findings reveal that the majority of creatives enjoy their work, only a tiny minority are digital nomads but most love to travel, and that nearly half work from home.

As you scroll through the fun step-by-step guide, Sam Island – who has worked for the New York Times and Monocle – manages to take these interesting survey results and capture the quirks and perks of a creative lifestyle. Check out the full infographic at

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Originally posted 2016-02-07 11:45:24.

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