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How to make infographics for your blog?

New bloggers mostly wonder how to make infographics. So first, what is an infographic?

Information with graphics is called infographics. Here graphics means any media in images including pictures, sketches, designs, tables, signs. To learn how to make infographics you need not to be graphic designers. There are several free and paid software available online to pick the best one.

How to make infographics online?

Here you can find 20 tools to make infographics as you want.

I recommend beginner bloggers to first make some infographics of basic level at Picktochart and develop expertise in it. After that it is wise to go for premium software.

In this post I will cover conceptual part on how to make infographics while technical aspect is available online. Every infographics software both premium and free has user-friendly options to make it. They all base on do-it-yourself type of program. So we need not repeat their lessons and just move to the conceptual part.


  • A vast topic can be covered with little contents
  • Images speak louder than words
  • Readers don’t forget image-based contents easily
  • Such contents are easy to understand
  • They are full of interesting elements
  • They appeal to readers of all types and all age groups
  • They save your time as you can make an infographics in lesser time

For newbie bloggers

This is important to know if they work for new blog. Maybe yes and maybe not. It depends upon number of visitors. If you have huge number of visitors they will work to bring more visitors. Those who read your infographics would share them to their friends. More and more visitors will come. The only need is your image-based contents must be of high quality. They must impress their readers.

If a new blog has not high number of visitors then info-based-images will not work. You can promote them simply in social media. Usually infographics title does not have mass appeal. They usually have how-to or problem-solving titles. Such titles are quite common. That is why not so many readers will read them. They will remain unread. It is wastage of your efforts.

Why new bloggers should not use them?

The main reason is they can’t be optimized. Google does not note this type of content because of lesser textual contents in them. Google simply note textual contents and point out keywords from them to info searchers. That is why it is safe to avoid trying this type of contents at the beginning. Yes as soon as you manage a reasonable number of visitors on your blog an infographic once in fortnight or month will do a great job. They will retain interest of your readers by offering something new.

You are right to say how can a post on infographics get complete without placing its example. So here is an infographic to tell you what it is and what are its benefits. Enjoy reading it.

What is an Infographic?

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