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How to Make Your LinkedIn Presence Matter

LinkedIn is now a little more than 10 years old and it has established itself as one of the leading social networking platforms.

Today LinkedIn counts 300 million users and over 3 million businesses have set a company page on the platform.

How do you decide which partners will benefit from your business?

How do you get these people to join your business ventures in this day and age?

Regardless of the technology, the ancient “divide and conquer” maxim still makes your brand matter to the right people on LinkedIn. It gives you the advantage by knowing:

– The right partners to do business with.
– The best way to reach them.
– The best way to identify and outsell your competition.

Identifying these three goes beyond simply posting unique, relevant and credible content on your site for them to search and read. To apply the divide and conquer strategy, familiarize yourself with:

– Your business strategy.
– Your competitors.
– Your prospects.

First, divide the things you need to know into these three categories, add the relevant content to your LinkedIn profile to conquer your market and competition.

The information for your profile can cover:

– Important facts about your company.
– Past projects to highlight your credibility.
– Recommendations from satisfied partners.
– Optimized keywords in your industry vertical.

This infographic from SlideGenius can help you better understand these concepts, letting you get the partners you want with the right content and presentation.



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Originally posted 2015-07-06 08:40:58.

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