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How To Not Be Awkward On The Phone And Get What You Called For



Many people can find making phone calls in the workplace environment a rather awkward experience. It could be your first day at work or you could be an office old timer making a phone call can leave you feeling uncomfortable and nervous – making you come across less than your best. A dead quiet office and everyone can over hear your conversations. Asking for a favor or trying to persuade someone on the phone can sound desperate and needy.

Confidence is key to making a great phone call. It can make your voice sound more appealing and feeling relaxed allows the phone conversation to flow and helps your words hit the mark. Expert Market put together this humorous infographic below to help with telephone awkwardness in the office. Outlined are 10 tips to get you in the right frame of mind to execute a great phone call. Awkward phone calls will no longer be an issue!


Originally posted 2015-06-03 08:47:56.

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