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How To Select Shareable Curated Content

Creating and delivering fresh content on a frequent and consistent basis can be a challenge in today’s demanding digital world.Curated content, or content created by third parties that you interpret and analyze, could be a way to appeal to your core audience directly. An infographic from content marketing agency, Siege Media, details the best strategies and tips for curating content.

As a beginning content curator, it’s important to note that audience building is your primary goal. Accessing the best content in your industry, and notifying the source (blogs or influencer), can lead to a burst of new readers and start a low cost organic growth spurt. This strategy works best for smaller brands, or those with less rabid fan bases.

There’s a rather simple maxim for content curation, according to Siege Media founder Ross Hudgens:

[tweet_dis][E]ffective content curation highlights amazing content readers have never seen, in a way that also adds value and impresses the original source.[/tweet_dis]

While scheduling posts can help ensure consistency, it can result in relatively stale content. Timely and immediate updates can add value, but mindless reposting can lead to users unfollowing because of the “tweet storm” effect. Additionally, if your audience relies on you for unique context and analysis, reposting without that added value could prove useless to the audience you’re cultivating.

For dozens of additional tips, check out the infographic guide to creating perfect highly sharable roundup posts below. And for additional detail on each point, check out the full post.


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Originally posted 2016-01-26 09:20:48.

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