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How travelling is a passport to being a better entrepreneur

  • Research shows you can return home a better leader and more resilient
  • Encountering unusual scenarios helps you to creatively problem-solve 
  • Frequent travellers are forced to strategise on a budget and find deals

Travelling to exotic places is a passport not just to ‘finding yourself’ but to being a more effective entrepreneur, according to a new infographic.

Those who explore exotic places return with a greater capability to lead rather than manage and have a boost in resilience and confidence, it claims.

It outlines six benefits, which also includes a strengthening of economic skills, as frequent travellers are often forced to strategise on a budget and get creative in finding the best deals.

Those who return from exploring new places are found to be more capable at leading rather than managing, and have a boost in resilience and confidence, as shown in a new infographic

The infographic was created by travel website Expedia, and includes research that 94 per cent of business leaders believe that travel experience results in a competitive advantage in the workplace.

This is due to travellers being more effective at communicating their vision and forming relationships with a range of individuals and cultures.

Picking up a second language on-the-go also helps to boost brain power.

The exposure to new ways of life was also found to promote cultural and business insights in globetrotters, who can witness a vast array of practices.

The infographic quotes philosopher Immanuel Kant, who theorised that travelling helps you recognise shortcomings in your own culture.

Finally, making decisions at every step of a journey, whether in a group or solo, was found to help travellers be more decisive and refine leadership skills.

Encountering new scenarios that are outside normal comfort zones can also lead to individuals becoming more creative with problem solving.

And acquiring all these attributes can result in a person inspiring their own team to go above and beyond the call of duty in the workplace.

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Originally posted 2017-01-01 09:53:49.

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