How working culture differs across the globe

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In the past we’ve written about office etiquette and office parties in Japan, but how are Japanese office manners or your own different from those in other countries?

If you’ve ever wondered about office etiquette overseas, look no further than this quick visual guide by Viking, an online office supply retailer looking to add some helpful international business tips to your cart before you get packing for that big conference abroad.

The graphic touches on common differences between companies in a number of European and Asian countries, as well as the U.S., from punctuality to output to dinner and drinks after work.


China and Japan appear similar when it comes to punctuality, overtime, socializing before deals, and a large pool of graduates unable to find salaried positions with benefits out of university, but seem share little in common with countries like Spain and the U.S.

Hopefully Viking’s infographic gives you a little food for thought and encourages you to be more accepting of business practices that might seem a little odd. Learning to deal with different cultures is, obviously, incredibly important when living and working abroad!


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Originally posted 2016-03-27 08:33:52.

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