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How You Can Contribute To #FlattenTheCurve: 13 Do’s And Dont’s Of Social Distancing

#FlattenTheCurve—this is one of the trending hashtags on the Internet. Amid the ongoing crisis and chaos of coronavirus, medical officials are doing everything in their power to slow down the spread of the virus. In the scientific field, it is expressed as flattening the curve—slowing the spread of infection, which can be almost as important as stopping it altogether. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told people during a White House briefing: “What we need to do is flatten that down. You do that with trying to interfere with the natural flow of the outbreak.”

The concept behind “flattening the curve” is simple: if everyone gets infected at the same time, hospitals won’t be able to care for all the people who will eventually die without the treatment. So if everyone adheres to the recommendations laid out to avoid spreading the virus and “flatten” the infection numbers on any given day, medics will have a greater chance of giving all patients the help that they need.

Using the #FlattenTheCurve hashtag, people are sharing informative yet easy-to-digest infographics on coronavirus. These infographics that you’re about to see were shared by an Imgur user under the nickname wooyi and depict the do’s and don’ts of social distancing. So scroll down below to see them all and take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Originally posted 2020-04-05 12:08:12.

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