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How you’ve been packing your luggage wrong

  • The infographic reveals eight packing techniques to help you save space
  • Tricks include rolling shirts, and using re-sealable bags and packing cubes
  • It also suggests a way of reducing the volume of a winter coast by 80%

Most people adopt the sit-on-the-suitcase approach to holiday packing – but that just leads to shirt-crease heartache and garments being unnecessarily left behind due to a lack of space.

Luckily, help is at hand in the form of a handy new infographic that reveals how to pack like a pro, from the crease-preventing military style roll to ways of reducing the volume of a big coat.

The advice should make the packing process a breeze, enable you to take all your favourite items – and mean you won’t need to keep ringing your hotel’s housekeeping department for an iron.

The infographic, which was created by Expedia, is made up of eight packing techniques and promises that they will all help you save space in your suitcase.

The guide advises that empty shoes should be used to store socks and underwear before being wrapped in a plastic bag and slotted into the bottom of the luggage.

Rolling is the next trick. The infographic recommends a military style roll where you make shirts and T-shirts a burrito shape. It reduces creasing and saves space, the infographic claims.

The technique involves folding both sleeves inwards and the bottom behind before neatly placing each side of the garment over one another and rolling the shirt from the top to the bottom. The final part of the roll requires you to tuck the T-shirt into the two flaps.

If rolling isn’t for you, the infographic suggests the ‘filing method’, where the suitcase is thought of as a filing cabinet and the clothes stacked vertically.

Then there’s the ‘clown car method’. ‘Despite its questionable name, this style of packing really does maximise space,’ it says.

By laying a shirt flat and leaving the arms hanging out of a suitcase travellers can place a pair of jeans of top of the shirt before folding the garments together.

Another method is to use packing cubes – ‘an accessory everyone seems to love’.

The remaining techniques consist of using resealable bags to separate liquids, hair products, cosmetics and accessories and purchasing compression bags.

These can reduce a winter coat’s volume by 80 per cent, the infographic says.


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Originally posted 2017-01-01 14:20:05.

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