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Infogr.am Releases API, Exposing Infographics Creation Service

Infogr.am, an infographics creation and sharing service, has released the Infogr.am API to the public allowing programmatic access to the creation, update, and download capabilities of the Infogr.am platform. Developers can use the API to build Infogr.am-powered applications that allow users to create interactive infographics and charts.

Basic interactive infographics and charts can be created in minutes using the Infogr.am web editor.

Infogr.am is a popular infographics creation and sharing service where users are able to quickly create basic static and/or interactive charts and infographics from a variety of predesigned templates. At the time of this writing, there are over 30 chart types and infographics can include text objects, videos, images and maps. There are currently three account types; Basic, Pro and White Label.

  • Basic Account – A free account that includes over 30 chart types and ability to import data. Infographics can be published online, embedded in web pages and blog posts, and shared on social media networks.
  • Pro Account – Includes all the Basic account features plus infographics can be downloaded as PNG or PDF files, can utilize real-time data, includes additional infographic themes, and more.
  • White Label – Includes all the Basic and Pro account features. This account is for those that would like to remove the Infogr.am branding and share buttons, and add a custom logo to infographics.

The public Infogr.am API is RESTful and responses are returned in JSON format. There are currently three API libraries available; PHP, Java, And Ruby. Applications can programmatically GET, POST, and DELETE infographics as well as GET themes and users. Developers that wish to use the API must create an Infogr.am account. The API key and secret credentials can be found in the user dashboard under account settings.

Developers interesting in using the Infogr.am API can find more information on the official company website.

Originally posted 2015-04-14 18:25:55.

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