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Infographics get you noticed, and guide on building a great one

Before you start:

What is an infographic?

An infographic is a visual image, like a chart or diagram, which is used to represent information or data.

Why should I care about infographics?

As a marketer, you have very little time to capture the attention of your audience and give them as much information as possible. As humans, we have a much easier time processing and remembering images than we do text. A visual story is more compelling and attractive, can be easily viewed, and is easy to share. An infographic can expand your visibility, drive traffic to your site, generate leads, and boost sales when executed well.

Our example below sums this all up!

How do I create a compelling infographic?

1. Your content should be reliable and interesting.

  • Choose a topic that is sure to engage your audience – avoid reporting facts that are too focused on you and your business. Focus on a topic that interests your audience, and then show them how you fit in.
  • Make a list with lots of interesting facts and data.
  • Find your facts from reliable sources, and back up every statement with numbers and statistics.

2. Keep it Simple.

There’s a fine line between the right amount of information and too much. Limit your statistics to only those that most directly build your case and convey your message.

3. Creativity is key.

Infographics are becoming wildly popular, so it’s important for yours to stand out from the rest! If you don’t have an in-house designer to put this together for you, consider placing an infographic project with SketchDeck. It’s important that your infographic looks clean and professional. The awesome graphics are what sets this apart from just a page full of words and numbers.

4. Share it!

“Infographic” is a buzzword. People are searching for them and they spread quickly when shared!

  • Be sure your logo is on your infographic.
  • If you can, use “share me” links on the page where it’s featured.
  • Make sure the file isn’t too big to be sent in emails. That being said, you want your image quality to remain crisp, so don’t over-reduce.
  • Share this on your company social media pages, use it in presentations, and send it to your clients in your weekly email.

Wrap Up

Now that you know why infographics are a valuable marketing tool, and how to build one, get started!


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Originally posted 2015-05-20 22:38:25.

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