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Longer and Positive Status Updates Attract More Facebook Friends, Fans and Likes

Are you always looking for ways to get more Facebook friends and fans. If you are, then you better start posting longer status updates to attract lots of new Facebook friends and likes. Not only this but talk more about music and sports and very less about family stuff, if you don’t want to lose out on Facebook friends and fans. Well, these interesting facts have come out from a study which have been very nicely compiled together in the form of an Infographic by Help for Depression team. The survey was done to know if Facebook could be the cause of depression specially in teens. This correlation between Facebook and depression could not come out quite clearly though there are lots of interesting facts that have come out about Facebook usage habits of teens vs adults.

Longer and Positive Status Updates Attract More Facebook Friends, Fans and Likes

The Infographic below demonstrates some details about how we use Facebook to share our thoughts and feelings and what leads to more Facebook likes, comments, friends and fans.

People who post larger status tend to attract more number of friends and fans. Similarly, it is the positive status updates that lead to more number of Facebook likes while negative status updates get lesser Facebook likes but may get far more number of Facebook comments.

Users who are more popular with larger numbers of followers generally are tend to talk lesser about family and more about music and sports. They tend to use the pronoun “you” and other second person pronouns while the people with lesser friends tend to use first person “I” more and post more of  negative updates.

More Facebook likes are generated for the positive comments, religious words, social processes etc. while less Facebook likes are generated for negative comments and updates as well as the updates about job or work, home, family, eating, sleeping etc.

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Originally posted 2017-05-08 02:12:57.

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