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Make Money From Your Blog Using This Simple Formula

Make Money From Your Blog Using This Simple Formula #infographic
Almost everyone that starts a blog dreams of the day the blog generates enough money so that they have to do is blog regularly. A few dream of traveling the world, blogging and living a life many people can only dream of. Unfortunately despite what the popular press would have us believe it isn’t as easy to succeed as a blogger.

It is however possible to make money from blogging, let’s have a look you should approach becoming a professional blogger.

Make Money From Your Blog Using This Formula

The idea of sitting on a beach, sitting by the pool or sitting in your local café working on your blog and earning a small fortune has widely been promoted by the press, it therefore has to be true, doesn’t it? Unfortunately creating a blog isn’t a “build it and they will come” solutions, it’s just the start and unless you have done your homework, it doesn’t matter how much content you add to your blog you’ll never make much money.

To create a profitable and successful blog all you need do is follow this formula: Profitable Niche + Quality Original Keyword Rich Content + Strategic Monetization + Promotion = Profit. Sounds easy doesn’t it, well it’s not however if you follow these steps it might help you on your journey to success.

Choose the Right Niche for your Blog

When you first start thinking of making money from blogging you automatically think about topics that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. This is all well and good however you also need to study whether or not there is a way to actually make money from your chosen niche. If you cannot think of a way to make money from your chosen niche, no matter how knowledgeable or passionate you are it’s the wrong niche. Not every single niche is easily monetized, the secret to profitable blogging is selecting one that is, rather than one that is not.

Buy a keyword-rich domain name

I love keyword rich domain names and I know that some argue that Google doesn’t rate them as it once did, however given the choice between a keyword rich domain and another one I would always select the keyword rich one.

Fill your blog with quality content

I’m a firm believer in writing good quality, authority type content that is properly formatted to appear well within the search engines. Most of the articles I write contain more than 400 words and every single one of them has a suitable image. It takes approximately two to three hundred articles before your blog starts to attract traffic from the search engines. This doesn’t mean that you should fill your blog up with articles in just a few days, far from it because it also takes four to six months from my experience before Google starts to send you more and more traffic. This is what is known as the Google sandbox period, and I liken it to Google treating your website as just another website until it gives in and simply starts sending you traffic. So to recap expect to write three hundred authority articles, publishing them over a four to six month period. Try to create a variety of different types of content from blog posts, to infographics and video and ensure all of it is engaging to your audience.

Build traffic through many methods

Although the aim of blogging is that your articles draw people to your website through the search engines, it doesn’t hurt to promote your website using other sources. This means that you should do interviews when asked, and you will be asked, you should also look to interview influencers in your niches because if you are seen with influencers you will be perceived as one. You should look at guest blogging, participating in forums and doing anything else that is ethical to promote your blog. I personally love to use Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn together with email marketing to promote my own content, much of this is automated and it generates thousands and thousands of visitors per month. Do however remember that it’s a fine line between promoting content and content marketing, one is developing content to promote the other is using content to market your products and services, your aim is to do the latter.

Integrate social media

The beauty of social media is that by including social share buttons on your blog you are inviting your audience to help you promote your blog as those that find your content engaging will share it with their own followers so that they can gain influence and look good. Within my social sharing system I also have the ability to check stats on which posts, articles, etc. are shared and how many times they have been shared, this allows me to work out which type of articles get shared the most.

Engage with your audience often

Interacting with your audience on your blog and social media accounts is the key to creating an active fan base. This fan base will listen to your advice about purchases, including purchasing your own products and services because you’re a real person that they have learned to trust through your content. This means that you shouldn’t be stand offish or a robot, be the real you, share your opinion, answer and ask questions, share other peoples information and be generous with your time.

Monetize the blog honestly

This isn’t as hard as you would imagine, the secret is to choose only products you’ve tried and tested yourself, they you have used and that you love to promote. You can also create your own products and services to promote and sell on your blog. By only recommending either your own products and services or items that you have used and can personally stand behind, you’ll develop a reputation for honesty and integrity.

Becoming a professional blogger and making any money from blogging is a long term strategy, it won’t happen overnight, so don’t expect it to. If however you are prepared to work over a long term period, you plan your blogging strategy out and follow the steps above you will eventually have a profitable blog that you can be proud of. And always remember, if you haven’t achieved success with your blog and you are following the above, then you simply haven’t hit the publish button enough times, just pushing that content out, hitting that publish button until success finds you.


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