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Making a Splash: Fast and Fascinating Water Facts

Water is everywhere. It sustains our bodies and provides us with challenges that we gladly take on. From swimming to boating, throughout history we have taken on the water in new explorations, and in setting new records. New technology, such as new swimsuits, help us in taking on the water. Some high-tech suits are banned from the Olympics, due to already-speedy athletes breaking an unmatched number of records.

To learn more facts about water and swimming, check out the infographic below, presented by Backyard Ocean.

Water: humans have been fascinated with this element for centuries. We drink it, we play in it, we can’t survive without it. From the 1500s when Magellan first sailed around the globe to the 2000s when we developed technology allowing us to swim at record-breaking speeds, we have constantly strived to overcome challenges this Mother Nature throws at us.

Backyard Ocean invites you to take a swim through time to see some of the seemingly impossible feats humans have achieved with water, and the speediest animals of all times.

Originally posted 2015-01-30 22:22:16.

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