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Marketers: How Much Money Should You Be Making?


We’ve all wondered it before. Maybe we’ve Googled in hope of finding an answer. Maybe we’ve asked someone for help. Maybe we’ve just worried in silence.

How much should I be paid for my job?

It’s a tricky question to answer. Even if you know all the factors to consider, it can be hard to uncover the right data you need to come to a solid conclusion. (And even if you knew them all, calculating your answer is tricky.)

A few months ago, Hubspot released a tool called Salary Grader to help marketers uncover the average salaries in their areas for different levels of experience. If you put in a salary and answer a few questions about your background, it spits out a rough estimation of how you stack up against similar people in similar situations.

After collecting over five thousand responses, they were able to uncover some nationwide salary trends. And thanks to ColumnFive, they’ve compiled their results in the infographic below. So if you’re curious about what kind of salaries marketers make all over the U.S., keep on reading. (And if you want to assess your own salary, you can click here to head on over to Salary Grader.)

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Originally posted 2017-01-01 14:59:45.

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