Mobile Sales Soar During Thanksgiving Weekend

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Less in-store, more online and way more mobile—those were the findings for Thanksgiving weekend shopping in 2015 by Facebook’sAtlas team.

Atlas said in a blog post that in-store sales during Thanksgiving weekend were down 10 percent compared with last year, while online sales were up 15 percent and mobile purchases up a whopping 50 percent.

According to Atlas, more than 50 percent of purchases during the holiday weekend occurred via mobile devices, with Thanksgiving Day itself posting the highest figure, 58 percent.

On Cyber Monday, sales were 65 percent higher than average, according to Atlas.

Finally, Atlas saw a 33 percent increase in cross-device conversions.

Readers: Did any of Atlas’ findings surprise you?


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Originally posted 2015-12-24 09:45:08.

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