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Mum’s the World: The Business of Mother’s Day

Sabrina Fenster, Marketing Manager at The Shelf, shares their infographic on all the marketing bytes of Mother’s Day – stats, e-commerce habits, gift preferences, tips to convert and more for this extraordinary day just round the corner

Mother’s Day is upon us and with that comes huge amounts of money being spent by frantic last-minute shoppers.

Lots of them.

48% of shoppers, to be exact, will wait until the very last week before Mother’s Day to purchase their gifts.

And with all of that gift-buying procrastination comes huge opportunities for last-minute digital marketing pushes. In fact, brands should be saving a significant portion of their Mother’s Day marketing budget for the week prior to the holiday so that they have enough firepower during the time that matters most…when the purchases are actually being made.

What many people don’t realize is that this holiday (that winds up sneaking up on most of us each year, both brands and consumers alike), is actually the third biggest retail holiday of the year. It’s only beat by back-to-school season and the winter holiday season in dollar amount spent. It’s also been trending upward for the last ten years. 2015 brought in the highest amount of money yet at 21.2 billion dollars!

People at The Shelf have aggregated in their “mother of all Mother’s Day infographics” all sorts of fun Mother’s Day stats from studies conducted by a number of different sources: National Retail FederationBing AdsFacebook, just to name a few.

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Originally posted 2017-01-01 14:20:07.

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