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Playing With Papers: The types of paper crafting

Crafting is purely putting ideas into actions and then holding them together with an inexpensive adhesive. It has the essence of one’s innovation, imagination, and feelings. Playing with papers is real fun and an inexpensive medium and readily available. It’s convenient to work with papers rather than other materials such as wood, metal, ceramics, etc. Even crafting for kids is a safe and uncomplicated creative outlet to express feelings. Making things on your own, let people know the worth of one’s creative skills. The best part about crafting is, there are no mistakes, you can take whatever comes in your mind as it always leads to the unique and best results as you are! Art and craft is  a fun and best way to portray love and happiness for our beloved ones. It makes people feel nostalgic as one had put extra efforts by taking out time from their busy schedule to make a special gift for them rather than buying it from the shop. This practice will enhance your thinking capability, so let your creativity run wild and don’t let anyone else dull your sparkle. This blog will tell you the easy and amazing craft ideas, their making videos. Much love to you guys!! Keep crafting.

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  • Scrapbooking
  • Cardmaking
  • Paper Flowers
  • Decoupage
  • Paper Mache
  • Origami
  • Paper Cutting
  • Quilling
  • Paper Layering
  • Paper Model
  • SCRAPBOOKING: Scrapbooks are the best way to preserve memories which are close to our heart. Though pictures are the master segment, scrapbooks work little differently as scrapbooks revolve around a particular theme and are made using lots of paper crafting techniques, paper cut-outs, various ornamentations, and decorations.blog for art and craft
  • CARDMAKING:  Cardmaking is an art of making greeting cards. The idea of handmade cards was originated after the scrapbooking and stamping has started. Many people had acquired their taste in it and make it as their hobby. Handmade cards have become the major competition for printed cards in the market as handmade cards are being seen by retailers as a major way to increase margins. Handmade greeting cards have emerged into a vast business. Nowadays people are showing their keen interest in crafting and cardmaking, as a result, hundreds of small businesses have been set up by the keen crafters. Cardmaking skills have had a major effect on the wedding planning marketing business. A huge amount of profits are made from handmade wedding invitations and esteem.blog for art and craft
  • PAPER FLOWERS:  Paper flowers have been the most beautiful art to date. Paper flowers add a fancy touch and beauty to any event or occasion. Paper flowers are an imaginative skill. They can be used anywhere that you can dream up. They are cheap as compared to real flowers such as lily, orchids, white roses, etc. we can give a real touch to paper flowers and they are cost-effective. We can use them for decoration purposes, photo backdrops, centerpieces, etc. we can turn a crepe paper into an alluring piece.blog for art and craft
  • DECOUPAGE: On the decoupage, we can decorate any item be it furniture piece, a wooden box, a waste bottle, unused plates any other crockery, photo frames and anything that comes to your mind by gluing colored paper cutouts and other decorative material. In this art, the number of layers is coated on material and then sealed them with a polished finish for a perfect outlook. There are so many decorative things and materials that can be used in decoupage art. Some of them are newspapers, books, paper napkins, magazines, printed clip art, greeting cards, wrapping papers, etc.  Cutting utensils like a knife, scissors, blade. Glue, sealers, paintbrushes, colors, spray acrylics and many more.blog for art and craft
  • PAPER MACHE: Paper mache is a French word which means ‘mashed paper’,  literally ‘chewed paper’ or ‘paper pulp’. this art refers to making a model or sculpture using paper pieces or pulp. Paper mache is a traditional art for making ancient sculptures by many countries like china, Egypt, etc. Various items are created by gluing together waste papers and then painting them to give an attractive look. Some of the items are paper masks, paper boats, paper observatory domes, sabots. Decorative items for homes can be made by this art of paper mache. Religious sculptures, project models for kids, frames, wall hangings, etc.blog for art and craft
  • ORIGAMI: Origami is made up of two words that are ‘Ori’ and ‘Kami’ where ‘ori’ means ‘folding’ and ‘kami’ means ‘paper’. So basically origami is an art of paper folding. Modern origami averts the use of glue, cuts or marks on the paper. There are some basic paper folds used in this art which are known as origami folds. By using these origami folds one can create many decorative items like wall hangings, paper plants, paper flowers, paper animals. This is the safest and easy art, especially for kids.blog for art and craft
  • PAPER CUTTING: I personally feel that is the most interesting and detailed paper art as compared to any other paper crafting ideas. Paper cutting is an art of paper designing. This type of paper crafting is considered as boundless as it has spread all over the world to revamp different aesthetic styles. This art can turn a simple piece of drawing or sketch into a detailed and eye-catching item.blog for art and craft
  • QUILLING: This art form necessitate the use of paper spined, curled, or twisted and then glued together to form a decorative design that can be used over anything like greeting cards, picture frames, mobiles, jewelry, boxes, etc. Quilling involves rolling a paper and then giving them a shape and finally gluing it onto material like wood, paper, ceramics. Tools that can be used for quilling are slotted tools, needle tools, tweezers, curling coach, crimper tools, circle sizer ruler.blog for art and craft
  • PAPER LAYERING: Paper layering is one of the interesting and fun arts. In this art form layers of colored papers and glued one over the other in a particular shape to form a decorative piece. One can make colorful greeting cards, waste wooden boxes can be made interesting using paper layering art. It can turn any boring thing into an eye-catching and appealing art piece. All we have to use is different colors, coloring brushes, waste piece of papers and an item to decorate on.blog for art and craft
  • PAPER MODEL:  Paper models are considered a vast category which includes origami and card making ideas. The paper model is also known as papercraft or ‘card models’. These models are made up of heavy sheet materials, foam, and paperboards. This type of craft is broadly used by professionalists for making house models. Decorative pieces, 3D greeting cards can be made using paper models.blog for art and craft

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Picking the perfect paper is about more than choosing a color, pattern, or texture – it’s also about choosing the perfect paper weight! Different weights are designed for different uses. Using the right (or wrong!) paper can make or break your work. The infographic below is primarily focused on printing, but the same kind of paper awareness also helps keep you on the right track with your paper crafting.

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