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See How London Life Has Transformed In The Last 50 Years

London, you’ve changed. And it’s not just the fact that back in 1965, you could visit all zones on the tube for 77p, a price that can’t even get you to one stop nowadays. 50 years on and there’s loads more people (1.1 million to be exact), the buildings are taller and Chelsea footballers are earning a lot more than £100 a week. These are just some of the recent stats highlighted in a new infographic by Central London Apartments, which shows how the city’s infrastructure, culture and economy has developed in the past five decades. Considering we live in the capital, you’ll notice that the cost of tea and beer has gone up considerably over time. But let’s just hope this isn’t a constant trend: no one really wants to pay nearly £50 for a cuppa in 2065?!

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Originally posted 2015-12-19 10:07:50.

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