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Seven Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

Losing your hair must really, really suck. I often spot baldies staring at me sadly as I run my fingers through my thick mane of lustrous curls. It’s a majestic sight, so who can blame them? Fortunately, it’s possible to combat hair loss via a range of natural hacks and treatments. This infographic explains seven common causes of baldness and how to fix them.

This infographic comes from the folicle boffins at Lloyds Pharmacy. As explained below, the cause of male hair loss can be broken down into three groups: genetic, lifestyle factors and skin conditions. Sadly, not all of the aforementioned causes are preventable, but it is possible for modern-day Samsons to mitigate the damage in various ways.

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Originally posted 2016-02-20 06:43:22.

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