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Supercharge Your Staff! 7 Hacks That Put Productivity Into Overdrive

At one point or another, all business owners deal with less than productive employees. It’s never really one person’s fault. Sometimes, the entire morale of your working group will plummet. What’s the wrong thing to do? Look for a scapegoat. Instead, prioritize progress by focusing on forward moving solutions. Don’t blame one individual for your lack of results.

In addition to the below infographic, keep the following tips in mind.

Recognize if one person is the problem.

There’s a difference between an overall lack of productivity, and one bad apple. If one employee is disrupting your staff, first address the issue with several warnings. Give them a chance to change, and prove their worth. If their behaviors continue to destroy the environment, you will have to terminate this individual. Don’t get too emotionally wrapped up in this decision, as you must always keep the best interest of your business in mind.

Make sure you set trackable goals. 

When you have trackable goals, you can hold each individual accountable for their progress. Don’t just work for “better”. Work towards specific growth numbers. For example, let’s say from November to December, you want to increase sales. Don’t let that generic statement be your goal. Pick a certain percentage increase, or total amount of revenue to shoot for.

Reward employees when you notice a change in performance.

A reward doesn’t always have to be monetary. Sometimes, a little bit of positive reinforcement can do the trick. Pull aside top performing employees, and make note of their individual accomplishments. People like acknowledgement, especially when they go above and beyond to earn your approval.

Remember, your employees have a life outside of work.

Sure, you always want to be working towards results. But, never ask employees to live and breathe their current position. Respect their quiet, private time, and they will respect and fulfill their job responsibilities.

With that all said, if you’re looking to increase employee productivity, supercharge your staff with these 7 hacks. Remember, real change doesn’t happen overnight. Prioritize manageable daily growth.

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Originally posted 2016-01-29 08:43:22.

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