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The 18 Weirdest Jobs In The World Also Pay Quite Handsomely [#Infographic]

Have you been thinking about making a career change lately? If yes, then why not think outside the box a little? It turns out that there are loads of obscure yet well-paying jobs out there, just waiting for the right kind of person to take up as their brand new purpose in life. Sure, they’re a little weird — but weird is good. New year, new you, right? In this case, we’re talking very new you.

Resume-building website Resume Format 2016 recently put together a handy dandy infographic for the job seekers among us who might have grown tired of your standard sit-at-a-desk-all-day office gig, but still like the idea of making a liveable wage. While it’s true that some of the jobs on the list pay better than others — the high end is upward of $100,000, while the low end is more like a regular entry-level salary — one thing’s for sure: You’ll never get bored. You’ll also always have an interesting conversation starter for the dreaded “So what do you do?” question that pops up whenever you meet someone new, so maybe we should count that as two things being for sure. Just like death and taxes.

You may already know about a few of the jobs on this list — Bustle spoke to professional bridesmaid Jen Glantz in 2015 about what it’s like to fete people for a living, for example — but a number of them are… probably going to be news to you. They certainly were to me — especially when it came to these four below. Scroll down to check out the full infographic for all 18; believe you me, it’s going to be an eye-opener.

1. Cow Fart Smeller

Farts can actually tell us rather a lot about the creature expelling them: what they’re eating, whether they’re healthy, and so on. But hey, guess what? Cows aren’t the only animals who benefit from professional fart smellers —humans can, too.

2. Chicken Sexer

No, I don’t mean sex as in to have it; chicken sexers are in charge of identifying whether newborn chicks are male or female and separating them accordingly.

3. Professional Mourner

Want someone to weep and wail at your funeral? Call a professional mourner. Companies like Rent A Mourner should get the job done these days, but the position itself has been around for ages — there’s mention of it in the Bible.

4. Worm Picker

Curious how so many of these literal odd jobs involve animals, is it not? Worm pickers are in charge of gathering worms to use as live bait. Fishers gotta fish. Or… something.

Check out the full infographic below:


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Originally posted 2016-01-16 09:00:03.

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