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The 2016 Migration Timeline

In preparation for the new year, app rationalisation firm Camwood has launched its annual infographic timeline, highlighting the biggest IT and Enterprise migrations for 2016.

Adrian Foxall, CEO of Camwood commented: “Between adopting Windows 10, switching from Server 2003, and preparing for the end of SQL Server 05, 2015 proved to be a busy year for enterprise IT departments. Unfortunately, looking at our migration timeline, it doesn’t appear that this pace of change is likely to slow down in 2016. If anything, it’s just going to get worse.

“The good news is that Microsoft is continuously making these updates easier to manage; the bad news is that we are reaching a point where technological change is so rapid and so saturating that businesses simply cannot cope. As it stands there are still organisations trying to finalise the move from XP to Windows 7. As such, the idea that in 2016 Windows 7 will be on the way out can seem pretty daunting.

 “Still, businesses should not try to ignore or hide from these upgrades. Fundamentally, every missed update or uninstalled service pack represents a potential hole in an organisation’s security – not to mention the costly compliance implications.
“In the information age, technology is fundamentally tied to a business’ bottom line. Whether through government regulation, employee expectations, or just plain customer experiences, ensuring your IT is up to date is more vital than ever before. Your technology is your business. If it’s behind the curve, then you’re behind the curve.”

The full infographic can be found below:


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Originally posted 2015-12-29 07:27:18.

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