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The 50 Worst Cars Ever

What do cars that have been best sellers, icons with neutered engines, wannabe hotrods, and dud offerings from exotic nameplates have in common? Examples of each made the list of the Top 50 Worst Cars Ever. With thousands of cars from all over the world having been produced over the years, making this list was no easy task. Each car represented had to be truly terrible in at least one regard. In many cases, their shortcomings were evident under the hood AND between the bumpers, both for quality and in what they represented. 

Most vehicles on the list were designed with good intentions, and some even landed in the good graces of drivers once purchased. However, every car on this list eventually ended up immortalized in the automotive Hall of Shame for good reason. Given that a handful of cars on this list were produced in the 21st century, there is undoubtedly an unlucky driver on a road near you still driving one. If you have nightmares of exploding subcompacts from the 1970s or flashbacks to driving an underpowered “sports” car, check out this list for a walk down automotive memory lane!

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Originally posted 2016-04-05 04:41:31.

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