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The A to Z of Content Marketing

Content marketing can be helpful and actionable when you know how to navigate through the noise. But with dozens of different angles and avenues to take, years of experience and training are needed to properly steer your ship through all the clouds. But with a little bit of guidance, and a nifty infographic, you’ll be on your way to marketable content before you know it.

A short checklist isn’t going to get you anywhere in the content marketing game. There are so many elements to consider that anything brief is going to be your downfall. Content must constantly be changing while still adhering to standards set by the industry.

Fortunately, this infographic has compiled and impressive array of tips and advice, conveniently formatted for your alphabetizing brain. You’ll receive information from over 40 sources that have proven successful when it comes to content marketing. An example includes the use of influencer marketing, an often under-utilized tactic to get better bang for your buck.

While this infographic is extensive, it is by no means complete or all inclusive. You could add video marketing and YouTube into the mix. You may also remove sources that are not that effective for your brand or business. And, don’t forget, not all sources produce the same results for everyone.

One of the best lessons from this content marketing checklist is the need to keep learning, improving, evolving and adjusting your marketing efforts to better fit with changing trends. If a particular social media website is on the decline, then you might want to consider if it is worth your investment.

Producing great content and following a well-rounded promotion strategy can give you the best inbound marketing results. This will not only lower your marketing costs but also increase your return on investment in the long run compared to traditional marketing.



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Originally posted 2016-04-16 06:44:08.

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