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The Art of Bluffing

Think you could spot a bluffer amongst the crowd? This survey looks at some of the most common bluffers and some of the top bluffing signs to look out for in our daily lives. [tweet_box design=”default”]Bluffing is defined as art of impressing, deterring, or intimidating by a false display of confidence-it’s not lying.[/tweet_box] 75% of Brits identify fidgeting and lack of eye contact as tell-tale signs.

Women are twice as likely to bluff to their parents about what they’ve been up to than men. [tweet_dis]8% of people said taxi drivers are least likely to bluff.[/tweet_dis] Peple from the Midlands and Wales are the most genuine – over 25% say they never bluff. Londoners are most likely to bluff daily.

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Originally posted 2016-01-10 12:53:51.

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