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The Chief Marketing Officer’s 3 Keys to Success

As a CMO, you’ve got your work cut out for you. So why make it harder on yourself? As shown in this infographic, researched and created by Experian, 43% of interviewed CMOs identified poor data quality as a top challenge to their work; siloed departments clocked in at 39%, while 37% said that they lacked the relevant technology to maximize their effectiveness. 34% commented on the inability to link different technologies together.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to work within your organization to unlock bigger opportunities by changing the way you do business and moving in a more customer-centric direction. The three keys to that are:

The 3 Keys to Marketing Success

  1. Data Linkage. Companies collect data through an average of 3.1 different channels, and only 24% say they have unified their data into a single customer view. What’s the point of collecting data if it’s not shared well within the organization? Take steps today to unify your data linkage
  2. Technology. Constantly progressing, it is essential for your organization to keep on top of the relevant technology and invest appropriately. Platform-generated attribution and predictive analytics are the transforming campaign management and execution, and 36% of senior leaders polled said that integrating the right technology to automate and manage customer interactions is a top priority for this year. Are you investing accordingly?
  3. Organizational Structure. 65% of marketers work in teams that are at least partially siloed; only 33% of teams are fully integrated with the rest of the organization. There are clear and immediate gains to be made by fully integrating your marketing team to disable power wars and recognition battles and deliver cohesive, data-based results.

Navigating the market, engaging your audience, and building brand recognition are tough enough in their own right. There’s no sense letting organizational impediments heap additional challenges on your plate. By keeping these three areas in focus, you can ensure that your own organization is harmonized to unlock maximum value.

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Originally posted 2015-06-06 00:31:19.

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