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The Cost of Running a Marketing Automation Team

We know marketing automation has grown in importance, and there are plenty of resources to explain how it can help organizations. But what goes on behind the scenes? And what will it cost your organization?

Although new technologies may have set costs, the price of adding people to your team will fluctuate depending on each team member’s experience and location.

An infographic by LeadMD looks at the roles involved in creating a marketing automation team—the titles, the responsibilities, and the costs.

The infographic outlines the skills needed in each of the roles and general salary ranges (click here for a larger version). It also illustrates the structure of a marketing automation team. Because having all the right people in place is no good if the team isn’t structured in a way that supports each role.

Check out the infographic to figure out what the costs of a marketing automation team might be for your organization.

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Originally posted 2017-06-01 05:50:10.

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