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The Current State Of ‘.brands’

Momentum is building on the use of ‘.brands’. Barclays Bank has transferred its primary website to a branded domain string (‘home.barclays’), while Sony has been promoting the new James Bond film, Spectre, on its ‘.sony’ string (‘assistmoneypenny.sony’). As more enter the fray, we thought it was a good time to summarise the current status of ‘.brands’ in an infographic.

‘.brands’ have long been seen as having an instrumental role to play in driving wider awareness of the new gTLDs programme. In the below infographic, we look at the current state of ‘.brands’. Much of the data was collated by Dot Stories, a new service provider aimed at helping brands apply for a ‘.brand’ or to make the most of the ‘.brands’ they already have. The company was founded by Guillaume Pahud, who until recently led the gTLD activities of Richemont (and spoke about the programme at this year’s ECTA conference in Hamburg).

View the infographic below:


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Originally posted 2015-12-14 07:16:40.

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