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The Science of Boys’ Education

Boys school alumnus would admire the work that Grand River Academy does to stay abreast of male adolescent development. The school’s constantly examining the best ways to teach and educate boys as they work through school during their school years.

Is a boys school the best school fit for every adolescent boy?

That’s for each family to decide.

Grand River, though, does nice work in helping families understand the boys school option along with how, and why, it could potentially fit particular young men.

Its latest contribution to the boys school discussion is this infographic.

It makes the case for the differences between adolescent male and female brain development and how a boys learning environment might best educate an adolescent young man. 



The rumors are true; boys account for the majority of learning disabilities, discipline referrals, high school dropouts, and low grades. With all of the improvements we’ve made to education over the decades, why are male students still not getting what they need out of traditional education?

It comes down to how the male brain is wired. Dive deep into the science of your son’s brain with the infographic below:


What will you do with this information? Your son craves a classroom built around his scientifically proven strengths and abilities.

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Originally posted 2016-04-14 04:41:22.

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