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The Strategies that Perform Best Across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn

While the majority of marketers utilize a shotgun approach to their content production and social promotion, there are strategies that drive better results if you can apply the resources necessary to customize the experience.

Pagemodo created the following infographic to serve as a social media cheat sheet with 5 Top Tips for content marketing on each of the 4 most popular social networks. Whether you read it once, bookmark it in your browser, or print it out and post it in your office, we hope it helps make your social marketing a little more manageable!

Tips for High Performance Social Content

  • Facebook Content – positive content that drives conversation – like images, contests and open-ended sentences – drives greater engagement.
  • Pinterest Content – strong visuals that are helpful to your followers and are lifestyle related perform best.
  • LinkedIn Content – joining and engaging on groups and providing concise information that’s technically savvy and entrepreneurial attracts more engagement.
  • Twitter Content – links, images and videos drive re-tweets. Monitor trends and participate on important conversations (research and use hashtags!).



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Originally posted 2015-06-19 20:20:16.

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