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The Travel Hacks To Breeze Through The Airport

  • Planning ahead can take some of the stress out of going through an airport
  • That means checking in online and making your luggage easy to identify
  • At security checkpoints, most people tend to choose queues on the right

From queuing at a security checkpoint to paying inflated prices for a meal, airports are a never-ending source of stress for some travellers.

But with a little forward planning and time management, the experience doesn’t have to be filled with anxiety.

Holidaymakers can use these co-called ‘travel hacks’ to breeze through the airport and make their time there as enjoyable as possible.

It all starts at home, where travellers should be strategic with their packing and check-in using the airline’s website or app.

Travellers should decorate their luggage with a logo or ribbon so that it stands out from other bags and is easier to spot on the baggage carousel.

If possible, choose a check-in queue that is close to the business class counter because it usually isn’t busy and may take passengers from economy, according to this ‘common sense airport hacks’ infographic from Toggl.

At security, the fastest lanes tend to be the ones on the left, research has suggested.

That’s because most people are right-handed and will naturally prefer lanes on the right.

Pre-pack liquids in a resealable plastic bag and make sure it is easy to find at the security checkpoint.

Large bottles of water aren’t allowed through security due to liquid restrictions, so pack an empty bottle that can be filled on the other side of the checkpoint.

Other tips include downloading or printing maps and boarding passes in advance, and bringing a power splitter in case power outlets are scarce.

Another smart idea is packing some essentials or extra clothes in a carry-on bag, just in case the checked bag goes missing.


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Originally posted 2016-01-28 09:10:04.

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