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The Ultimate Content Marketing Checklist

Lessons from This Content Promotion Infographic  (Source):


1. Email Subscribers

Start by sending an email to your subscribers. Keep the email short and sharp. Include a catchy image if you can. I don’t send automated emails and I hand write each blog broadcast email at the moment. This is time consuming but allows me to include an image from the post and keep the email fresh, engaging and non-robotic. If you need tips on how to increase your email subscribers then check out this infographic.


2. Post on Social Media

Next, promote your content in your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Use a tool like Buffer to schedule the posts and put all the social media updates from one place. Buffer also provides some cool analytics as to how each post was received; as in how many retweets, favourites and potential views.


3. Social Bookmarking

Use social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Delicious.


4. Other Bookmarking

You can also use niche specific or other paid bookmarking sites. Example of a paid bookmarking site would be BlogEngage. Examples of free bookmarking sites would be Growthhacker, Inbound and BizSugar.


5. Use Communities and Groups

Find online communities and groups like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ groups.


6. Curate Your Blog Post

Examples of content curation sites are Scoop.it and Storify.


7. Tap on Influencersreach-out-image

Email or tweet the influencer to let them know if you have included a quote or a stat from their website.


8. Reach out to Bloggers who Publish Roundups

Find bloggers who publish round up posts in your topic; some post monthly or even weekly roundups.


9. Reach out to Bloggers who have Relevant Resources Post

If you have created a pillar post then you can reach out to bloggers who have a resources page with a bunch of top notch posts in their niche. You can use Google and search for – “keyword or niche” + “resources” to find these pages. You might want to promote a few of the posts on their blog before asking for a favor.


10. Repurpose Your Content

Turn you post into a video, slide pack or an Infographic. Each content format has a different traffic source you can tap and market to. For example YouTube for videos and slideshare.net for a slide pack. For more tips and tricks on content repurposing check out this infographic.


11. Paid Promotions

You can do paid promotions or buy traffic through Outbrain or even use StumbleUpon’s paid discovery service.


12. Guest Posting Campaignguest-post-image

Last but not least you can start a guest posting campaign to promote your post. This of course is the most time consuming but can bring in the best results if done correctly.



Most bloggers don’t spend enough time marketing their content. Content creation is fun but marketing can be tedious and that’s why you need a checklist to keep you on track.

Remember experts say you should spend the same amount of time with content marketing as creation. The more you learn and mature the more you can add to your marketing checklist. Hope you use it wisely. Good luck.

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Originally posted 2016-04-27 02:27:29.

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