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The Ultimate Copywriting Crash Course, as Taught by Mad Men

If you didn’t love Mad Men, I don’t even know how to talk to you.

Mad Men ended after 7 incredible seasons…

…which is a terrible blow to copywriters worldwide. Thanks to Mad Men, my sister knows what I do. Thanks to Mad Men, marketers get that copywriters belong with the design team in the creative lounge. Thanks to Mad Men, I have an ever-so-slight addiction to drinking, smoking, sleeping around, changing my identity and selling stuff.

In honor of one of my fave TV series of all time – right up there with Six Feet Under – we’ve compiled all the best copywriting lessons from Mad Men to create the following infographic, which we hope you love the way Peggy loves Stan. (Still not sure how I feel about that.)

{{-RIGHT-click on this sentence for full size version of infographic-}}

P.S.: There were about 5 tips I noted throughout the seasons that didn’t make it into the infographic, including the statement Pete makes that all CROs today would love: “We’ll test both ideas.”

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Originally posted 2017-01-01 14:52:13.

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