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The Ultimate Proper Fitting Suits Guide For Men [#Infographic]

Looking for a chic new suit? Better make sure it fits right first. Proper fitting suits are important not only for the purpose of feeling comfortable in your new ensemble, but also because it’s critical you look good when you wear a new suit since you’ll probably be wearing it somewhere important.

A proper fitting suit is necessary for a wedding, job interview, funeral and other formal situations. Otherwise you may look unprofessional or shoddy and at that point, why should you bother wearing a suit at all?

This infographic can help guide you to finding the perfect fitting suit, but if you still have questions, don’t miss the author’s more detailed guide on The Art of Manliness. The most important thing to look for are odd lines in the suit’s outline that indicate it is too tight or too baggy.


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Originally posted 2019-07-21 23:10:37.

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