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The Underutilized Social Media Platform

Most people know SEO is a process that takes time. It has many components and steps.

Which other way can you get explosive traffic in a quick time frame? Social Media of course.

If you were asked to pick a few social media platforms, which ones would you pick?

Most people would pick Twitter and Facebook. Some may pick Pinterest depending on their content type. Some may choose LinkedIn or even Google+.

Very few would pick StumbleUpon. We will have to exempt influencers who have large following in a particular social media site.

StumbleUpon (SU) can bring viral traffic so much so it can crash your site. The big difference with StumbleUpon to other social media platforms is SU sends traffic direct to your site.

You don’t have to compete for 100’s and 1000’s of social media updates like in Twitter and Facebook where people may see your updates but may not click to view your content. There is essentially a lot of competition for attention and clicks.

Think about the attention span of a social media update in Twitter and Facebook – the effect lasts a few hours and if you are lucky a few days. This is exactly the opposite with Pinterest and StumbleUpon where the traffic can be ongoing form anywhere between a few months and even years.

Did you know StumbleUpon produces the 4th highest social media referral traffic?

It comes in behind the big boys with large user base but trumps Reddit, Google+ and LinkedIn by a handsome margin.

Beware not everything in the StumbleUpon fairy tale is as good as it sounds. For instance StumbleUpon traffic tends to have a higher bounce rate. Most SU users love to hit the “STUMBLE” button and keep stumbling random new pages that are more interesting. Getting user attention upfront is crucial in any web content but it is so much more important when it comes to SU.

StumbleUpon has some chinks in its armour but it is surely worth checking out especially if you are new blogger, content marketer or a start-up!

Here is an infographic that shows how to get the best out of StumbleUpon.



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Originally posted 2016-01-23 06:23:49.

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