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Three of the Best Poo InfoGraphics on the Web

We decided to graphically bring you health information concerning an important part of the intestinal system: Poo. Poo really is no laughing matter. [tweet_box design=”default”]Much can be learned about your intestinal health, and your overall health for that matter, by the state of your feces.[/tweet_box]

Everything from the shape, size, smell, color, could indicate disease, poor diet, or something else. Even the color and smell of your urine can give you a hint about your overall health. We looked around the Web for some of the best graphics to help you understand your own digestive health a little bit better. And since the average human will produce 9,000 pounds of poo over their lifetimes, this should help everyone:


Know Your Poop

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What Your Poop And Pee Are Telling Your Body

The Facts About Poop


The Facts About Poop


How Well Do You Know Your Poop?

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Originally posted 2016-03-07 09:10:13.

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