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Traditional marketing vs. Growth hacking

Even though ‘Growth Hacking’ has been a hot topic for some years now, some people still get confused to what it’s all about and how it differs from traditional marketing.

Growth Hacking is being deployed successfully by some of the biggest companies in the world today. Companies like AirBnB saw rapid growth rates by utilising these methods.

So what is it?

To give you an understanding of how it differs from traditional forms of marketing, we found this handy infographic designed by Direct Spark to help.

The main differences you’ll stumble across is that Growth Hacking is mainly focussed on users, how they respond to your product, and being able to adapt quickly to meet those needs. It’s also the ability to think out of the box and create ways in which your users perform a lot of marketing for you. This is essential for a startup because you save a lot of money and grow rapidly when it’s not just you targeting new users.

So if you’ve been struggling with the difference between the two, read the infographic below.

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Originally posted 2017-08-06 02:08:12.

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