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Unauthorized immigrants in US

 Do you live in one of these states? Share your experience about the problem of #illegal #immigrants? Does the problem exist? In the U.S. labor force, there are 8.1 million unauthorized (aka illegal) immigrants either working or looking for work. It is 72%. At first, you may think it is good. But think about it: they are not paying #taxes. More than that, 28% are not working at all. It raises the question what are they doing and how do they sustain themselves? The study shows that when employers stop hiring illegal immigrants, they stop coming. Yet, the #government don’t enforce existing rules against the employers who hire such immigrants. #Corporations clearly want to continue hiring this cheap labor and the government can not say ‘no’ to the corporations. Source: Pew Research Center

by american_statistics
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Originally posted 2015-08-07 11:00:19.

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