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What Are Your Customers Like? Meet Mike, Your Customer in 2015

To know how to provide appropriately for you customers, you need to know who they are. And what they need. And what they like.

They are super connected. 63% of women who own smartphones don’t go an hour without checking it. And the percentage is higher for men at 73%. Millennials are even more connected with 75% checking their phones at least every hour. 50% of people check their phones right before they go to sleep and also when they wake up.

Customers are also opinionated and will share those opinions. 34% of customers have used social media to express their feelings about a company. (I almost did this today while on the phone with United Airlines. I was so mad. But then my service representative found a solution. Maybe I should go online and mentioned the positive outcome.) As it turns out, 26% of people will express dissatisfaction, while only 23% will rave about a product or company they like

Customers this year are value conscious. 41% of them practice showrooming, they try things out in a brick and mortar store but look for better prices online. More than 50% of Millennials will use 4 or more sources to help them make a purchase decision.

Customers now also claim to ignore ads and seek authenticity. 92% say they have more confidence in info found online than other sources. 75% don’t believe that companies tell the truth in advertisements.

Check out this infographic about customer behavior below.

By Sarah Snow

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Originally posted 2015-10-10 02:42:22.

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