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What YouTube Looks Like In A Day

It’s no secret that video is quickly becoming the #1 priority for both social media platforms and marketers alike. As consumers, we spend more and more time glued to our smartphones watching one video after another. By 2017, it is estimated that video will account for 74% of all internet traffic in the world, making the upcoming year make or break time for any company that’s betting on video.

As competition heats up, some of the most well-known platforms have rushed to report impressive statistics. While they may be staggering, such numbers tend to be cherry-picked and don’t necessarily show the full picture.

By way of independently crawling many popular sites, we’ve been able to uncover some remarkably interesting, in-depth insights that they want to share.

To start, we took an in-depth look into daily uploads on YouTube during the month of October 2015 and gleaned some fascinating data, which we’ve outlined in the infographic below.

Brief overview of statistics:

  • [tweet_box design=”default”]YouTube receives roughly 300,000 individual video uploads each day, amounting to 80k hours of video and 24TB of data. [/tweet_box]
  • 8am PST is the busiest time of day for video uploads, whereas 12:36am is the least busy. Approximately 10x more videos are uploaded during the busiest time comparing to the least busy.
  • The average video uploaded to YouTube is 15 minutes long and 86MB in size.
  • 93.5% of videos uploaded to YouTube are in English.
  • [tweet_dis excerpt=”41% of videos uploaded to YouTube belong to the People & Blogs category.”]The People & Blogs category receives the highest volume of uploads, accounting for a whopping 41% of videos uploaded everyday[/tweet_dis], followed by Gaming (14%), Film & Action (10%) and Entertainment (8%).
  • Although the People & Blogs category accounts for the most video uploads each day, Gaming is king, receiving the most attention.
  • Static videos – typically spammy [tweet_dis]videos containing just a static image whose purpose is to lure people outside of YouTube – account for unbelievable 7.5% of all uploaded videos.[/tweet_dis]

What happens to videos after they’re uploaded?

  • Only 35% of all videos uploaded will be claimed by rights holders. 26% will be monitored or monitized by the copyright holder; the remainder will be taken down.
  • A whopping [tweet_dis]32% of all videos will end up removed within the first 24 hours.[/tweet_dis]
    • 5% of videos will be deleted by users.
    • 18% will be removed because the user had their account terminated.
    • 9% will be taken down due to copyright infringement.
  • 0.4% of all videos are made private by the users in the first 24 hours.
  • 5% accounts that uploads videos in any given day get terminated for violating YouTube’s TOS.
  • Terminated accounts upload around 20% of all videos every day, 6x more than a typical account.

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