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Where is Video Marketing Going in 2019 and Beyond? [Infographic]

How often do you come across an article claiming to reveal  the hottest new marketing trend?

For me, it’s almost a weekly occurrence, and if you’re like me, you’ve probably become much more skeptical and weary when it comes to deciding which new trends are actually here to stay.

You might even find yourself reading about new trends thinking, “That will never last.”

That’s not a bad thing.

As marketers, we should question new trends.

We don’t need to pull the trigger on a trend just because it’s shiny and new. We need to make sure it’s actually the correct move for our marketing and brand.

The majority of trends do fade away after a short period of time. Things like text-only SEO strategies, long,text heavy eBooks, and blogs that focus on quantity over quality were never going to stand the test of time.

However, when a new trend does come along, and it’s clear it’s here to stay, it’s a total game changer. One great example is video marketing.

Ever since video marketing made its way into inbound marketing more prominently in  recent years, it hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down.

Nowadays, it’s the medium of choice for marketers looking to distribute content and increase engagement — and more importantly, consumers.

Take a look at some of these video stats:

  • 70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video. (Wyzowl)
  • 72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate. (Wyzowl)
  • 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions. (Invodo)
  • 65% of executives visit the marketer’s website and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video. (Forbes)

With numbers like these already, many marketers are beginning to wonder if video is a bubble. It’s doing so well. How can and will it l change and grow?

To help answer that question, HubSpot teamed up with uscreen, a VOD platform, to create an infographic that predicts what we can expect from video marketing in 2019, and beyond.

Some of the ideas in the infographic include:

  • Video is Going Live: Live streaming services are growing in popularity on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media channels. Research indicates live streaming encourages more audience engagement and retains viewers longer than prerecorded video.
  • Video is Going 1:1: Given the ease of shooting videos with smartphones, marketers are discovering the value of lead nurturing and customer communications by sending personalized video messages instead of calling or sending email. The notion of using a 1:1 video approach can apply to following-up on an inquiry, offering content, delivering support, simply saying thanks, or practically any application.
  • Video is Getting Search-Friendly: AI and the use of closed captions are making video content more searchable. AI can transcribe the audio tracks of video with voice recognition to make video searchable. Google even recently announced the addition of video previews to the video carousel that appears in search results.
  • Video is Turning 360: The recent advent of 360-degree video content enables viewers to control their perspective for a more immersive interactive experience.

Check out the full list of trends in the infographic below:



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Originally posted 2019-06-06 05:39:22.

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