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Who’s Taking Off And Who’s On The Ground In Inflight Wifi

Wifi, preferably fast and free, is what business travellers crave whilst on the road to stay productive and stay in touch with home.

Inflight wifi as a service is growing rapidly with data from RouteHappy, a platform which enables airline passengers to compare the various services available on flights, showing more carriers than ever have plans to extend it across their fleets.

The startup has pulled together this infographic to show the current state of inflight wifi show which airlines are up there and which have yet to take-off.

According to RouteHappy, 60 airlines now offer inflight wifi across the globe and it’s US airlines that are leading the way with some sort of offering on 78% of their ‘available seat miles’.

Of the busiest long-haul routes New York to Dubai is reported to be the best connected in terms of inflight wifi while London to Hong Kong is said to be worst.


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Originally posted 2016-01-25 03:06:30.

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